Bridges Development Consortium

Bridges Development Consortium

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  Bridges Development Consortium
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  Research, Publications, Survey Design & Fieldwork, Data Analysis & Reporting, Local Governance, Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Middle East & North Africa, Central Asia, West Asia

About us

Bridges Development Consortium is a nonpartisan, autonomous institution engaged in objective and serious research, providing development consultancy as well as project delivery in a responsive, efficient, and effective manner that generates maximum impact.

Thematic Area

Advocacy,  Research,  Development,  Information Dissemination,  Governance 

Demographic Focus

Rural , Urban

Major Projects

1.    (2004)
 Project Area: Iraq

Research Projects

1.  Iraq - Survey Research  (2004)
 Theme: Survey/Research
 Partner: ICRSS

Future Plans

Contact us

Head Office: 152 - Abu Bakar Block - New Garden Town ,xxx Lahore-000000
Tel: 92-42-5843094
Fax: 92-42-5843094

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