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International Human Rights Commission

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  International Human Rights Commission
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  For the purpose set out in Article: The activities of the Commission shall include, but shall not limited to; The facilitation of consultation, exchange of views and experiences, and cooperation with each other, to the extent desired by the members; Assistance in effectively utilizing available procedures of United Nations bodies and specialized agencies related with Peace Keeping, Anti Terrorism, Social, Cultural, Democracy, Education, Health, and Human Rights and of other International and Regional Organization Professional legal and public relations advice; Providing an information service for dissemination of information provided by the members to the public, Governments, International and Regional Organizations; Assistance in development of democratic institutions and processes and in the monitoring of Human Rights Violations, Elections and Referenda.

About us

International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) was founded by the Seven (7) International organizations in their Leaders Conference on 10th of December 1988 as International network of human rights. Its members organizations are 2506, Life Members are 266,and having more than 1800 officials with Investigation cell of the Commission. The IHRC also providing its services to the UNO, OIC, LAS, Interpole State Department of United States and all Governments of the UN Members States according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Passed by United Nations on 10th of December 1948.

Thematic Area

Human Rights,  Youth,  Governance,  Law,  Women,  Children,  Advocacy 

Demographic Focus


Operational Areas

PUNJAB Lahore, 

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  Acting Country Chief:
  National Secretary:

Head Office: 166-Garden Block, Garden Town, ,xxx Lahore-7400
Tel: +92-42-5863835
Fax: +92-41-5863835

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